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Bio of Malikah Powell a.k.a.

The Empress Malika

A Rising STAR...



Malika was born on February 6th, in Harlem New York City, New York. Growing up in a multi-cultural neighborhood, learning the language of Spanish at the age of six. Malika went on to study ballet, dance (Modern, Jazz, Hip hop etc), gymnastics, Martial arts (taekwondo, jujitsu, aikido, and staff) and figure skating. Malika was also exposed to a variety of different styles of music in various genres. Malika discovered she had a singing talent one day while singing in the shower. She enjoyed it so she started songwriting and singing at the age of seventeen with her favorite artists until a friend of the family noticed her talent and invited her to his home recording studio called Subway Tracks, in New York City. It wasn’t long before a demo was created under the direction and production of Mirek Kudyokowski, who use to open up for Jimmi Hendrix. There she wrote six a song demo with him and collaborated with Michael Reiss, former musician/singer whose music is on the “Sex and the City Soundtrack”. After receiving her first Yamaha keyboard, Malika was able to expand her horizons as a Musician, Music Composer and Music Producer. As of today, Malika is a self-taught piano player that plays by ear. She has composed numerous classical, pop, pop/rock and hip hop, Rnb, jazz, dance, and electronic melodies. Her music has been featured at Colby Sawyer Colleges’ dance performance(s), documentaries by Danny Boy films, a TV Production titled “Beyond the Artz” (which she also co-hosted) as well as composed many compositions for TV Pilots, Trailers and Screenplays for writer Darryl Taylor Kravitz, a former writer for Scooby-Doo with DC Comics. Malika also produced, mixed, and mastered Marcus Gameface Boyds' 2015 Album. Malika has also worked with Odessa mamma records from Australia on a compilation song project as well. Recently, Malika has created a song called “Feel Good” produced by T-Groove and Two Dance Project with Eric Hossan of Lad Records, a UK based indie label.



Malika also started Modelling while out at club envy she gained the attention of the CEO of FUBU who asked her if she wanted to be one of his Models. She agreed, he made a phone call on the spot and added her to his list. She was flown to Las Vegas, Nevada, and was featured as a FUBU Model at the Magic Show Convention. She also gained the attention of Enyce and was featured as a commercial print Model in Todays Black Woman Magazine and Vibe Magazine as a Commercial Print Model. She was also a fashion runway model for fashion designers, Michael A. Straker, Joe Suba, Sir Benni Miles, including two hair designers, Veronica and the infamous Gerard Dure Hair Salon in New York City which was filmed by BET TV. She was also a Model in several Music Videos of Celebrity Rap Artists such as; Mase and Cameron, Lord Teriq, and Peter Gunz, (here she choreographed a short dance sequence), Beanie Man, Rough Riders, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, and Fat Joe and Method Man.

She was also a professional Model for 3 infamous photographers; Dorothy Shi, Third eye productions, and Michael Austin Straker. Most recently she’s been modeling for photographer/graphic artist/painter/writer Darryl Kravitz, whose work can be seen under any search engine. Malika is at present featured in 3 of his published photography books currently available on



Malika at first started her acting training at her local recreational center. There she trained with Arnold Pinnex, the CEO/founder of (BSCI) Black Sitcom Institute. Malika was placed in a TV pilot he produced titled “Southern Comfort” and co-hosted at many of his promotional events. As her talents developed, she decided to get more professional training and started training with Lawrence fishbones’ former coach at Musical Theatre Works in the Village of New York City. Shortly after her intense training, she landed a lead role starring in an independent film called “Harlem’s Beauty”, produced by Reflection films by Mark McKenzie which is currently available on addition, she also took other smaller gigs as an extra in major A feature films such as; Spike Lee’s film “do the right thing”, Tim Burtons“Rock the Cradle”, a film with Rosie Perez, Angela Bassets’ “Music of the Heart” and others. Malika has done voice-over work for Ricardo Sean Thompsons’ film originally titled “The last Disciples” a.k.a. “Snuffed Out” featured as the lead Voice for the Lead character and also available on Malika is currently cued to Star in an upcoming Film titled “Inscription”, Angels on Ground Zero, to be directed & produced by Arnold Pinnix, CEO of Garvey Studios in Brooklyn, NY.



Malika is currently working towards the production of her very 1st Album. Malika has been in the top ten on Reverbnation for over four years for pop/contemporary, classical, and RnB music. Malika currently has over 300kplays on her music at Malika is currently an unsigned independent Artist who is up Up &coming talent on the rise. She is currently looking to get signed to a Major Record Label. Malika's dream is to become a World-wide Superstar to help make a difference.  All Serious Inquiries ONLY!

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